Parents are the first teachers of their children. As a parent, you have the power to influence your children’s attitudes towards school, learning and future success.

Involving yourself in your children’s learning – from the early years since high school – gives them a solid foundation for school and life success. Studies show that students perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education. Our philosophy is that all students should be supported on a personal and individual basis in terms of both academic progress and general welfare and well-being. It is our aim to ensure that all students not only achieve their educational goals but that they become thoughtful and active citizens, leaving us with confidence, commitment, and optimism for the future.

Parents engagement means

  • The importance of making learning an essential part of your child’s day
  • Supporting, talking, and participating with your child and their teacher about their learning when necessary
  • Attend virtual parents’ meetings
  • Demonstrate interest and stay informed

Few Benefits

  • Improves student achievement
  • Increase motivation with homework
  • More positive attitude about school
  • More consistent school attendance
  • Fewer behavioural issues
  • Responsible
  • A brighter future for students at school and later in life

Haven as a caring and safe school

At Haven International School, we are committed to establishing and maintaining a caring, safe, positive, non-threatening and respectful environment, that enables all students to reach their full potential in a climate that fosters feelings of acceptance, inclusivity, belonging and valued.

Student Code of Conduct

The administration and teachers expect students to adhere to the school’s rules and regulations.

Students are expected to exhibit

  • Respect for all teachers and classroom regulations as established by the school staff
  • Respect for fellow students and their rights
  • Respect for the property of others including students, teachers, and Haven
  • Regular attendance and punctuality regarding assigned classes and special events
  • Unconditional support of the school’s operating rules and regulations
  • Full participation in the learning activities designed for the various courses of study
  • Acceptance of the academic requirements as established by the Ministry and Haven
  • Total commitment to their educational program.
  • Students are required to wear the school uniform from Monday to Thursday. White shirts and ties are required on Monday. Friday’s dress code is casual.
  • Students are prohibited to use their cellphones in class.
  • In summary, each student is asked to demonstrate a respect for learning and for the procedures established to promote learning


Regular attendance is necessary for success in any learning process. We recognize that there is a strong positive correlation between attendance and punctuality in lessons and achievement. Therefore, the management of attendance while at Haven International School is not only an important part of a student’s responsibilities but will also improve their performance and overall results. We are here to help so students should speak to the guidance counsellor if they are struggling with any aspect of punctuality or attendance.

Note: The Ontario Ministry of Education requires that students complete a minimum of 110 hours of classroom instruction for each secondary school course credit. Persistent absenteeism makes it impossible for students to meet the curriculum expectations of their courses and may result in either low marks or subject failure. Valid reasons for each absence must be presented to the teacher upon the student’s return to class. Teachers are required to advise the office of students whose record of absenteeism is negatively affecting their academic standing. Students with more than five absences in

a semester will be counseled by administration and should the pattern of absences continue, the students’ parents will be informed.


At Haven International School we give students the opportunity to express themselves and to develop as individuals within a supportive environment. Disciplinary procedures will be followed if any of the four fundamental obligations of the Student Contract are not complied with. In the first instance the case will be dealt with by the subject teacher and/or Guidance counsellor; if there is no improvement in the situation disciplinary steps will begin and parents will be informed.


Bullying, whether it be physical, emotional, verbal or in any other form will not be accepted or tolerated. A student who engages in any form of bullying will be dealt with severely. Parents will be immediately involved, and guilty students will face suspension or in repeat or extreme instances will be expelled.

Dress Code and Uniforms

Haven International College requires students are required to wear the school uniform from Monday to Thursday. White shirts and ties are required on Monday. Friday’s dress code is casual. At all other times, they are expected to wear appropriate slacks/skirts, shirts, or blouses, and footwear. Jeans and T-shirts are acceptable if clean, pressed and generally neat in appearance. In hot weather, walking shorts are acceptable, as are sneaker/tennis style shoes.

The following are not acceptable at any time:

  • Ragged cut-off jean shorts
  • Tank tops
  • Bare midriffs
  • Slippers or beach sandals

Late Assignments

For all substantial assignments subject teachers will in collaboration with their students establish a deadline for the submission of the completed assignment. Where a student misses the due date, the teacher will still accept the assignment for up to 5 school days. Late marks may be deducted on these late assignments. Where extenuating circumstances legitimately prevent a student from meeting a due date the teacher may grant an additional day or days to submit the assignment. Late and missed assignments will be noted on the report card as part of the evaluation of a student’s development of learning skills and work habits.

Academic Dishonesty

Students must be academically honest in all their assignments, tests, examinations, and any other work that has been designated by the teacher for evaluation. Students found to be academically dishonest, i.e., cheating and plagiarism, will receive a mark of zero on that evaluation, and their parents/guardians will be advised. Cheating is the act of violating the rules as outlined by the teacher in respect to essays, projects, tests, exams, quizzes, etc. Such action will result in a mark of zero and parents will be contacted. Plagiarism is the act of using another person’s ideas, expression, or representations in your work without acknowledging the sources. Where a teacher suspects plagiarism the student will be asked to provide proof to the teacher that the work is original and if the student fails to provide such proof or the proof is unconvincing the teacher will assign a mark of zero to the work. If the teacher determines that the plagiarism is unintentional and of a relatively minor nature, the teacher at his or her discretion may allow the student to re-work or re-do the assignment as opposed to assigning a mark of zero. Detailed Haven guidelines have been developed related to academic honesty, cheating and plagiarism.